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The Southington Community Cultural Arts center began as a dream by Artist and Founder Mary DeCroce. A long-time Southington artist installing large scale community murals throughout central Connecticut. Please view the slideshow representing images of Mary paintings, the Murals, and the before and after images of the Gura Building housing SoCCA. Mary's passion for the arts will continue to live on within the walls of the Arts Center.

Please plan to visit, and enjoy the exhibits, galleries, studios at 93 Main Street, Southington, CT.  All are welcome Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 5pm, and Saturday 12noon-3pm, and by appointment 860.276.1581

September 10, 1953 - September 12, 2021

More on Mary HERE: Donations in Memory of Mary HERE:

Contact us at for acquisitions on any of the works represented in the slideshow.


Remaining Works
Pieces from My Journey Journey Exhibit

The artwork below is a partial collection of works by Mary DeCroce.  These pieces have been on display at SoCCA for all to experience and enjoy.  All works are available for acquisitions.  To collect Mary's mural reproduction artworks to benefit SoCCA, please contact us HERE:

Let us know what piece you have in mind and we can put it aside to have you come by to collect!

Artwork above Left to Right
#3 Silo     $175
Title -Fred    36x24 Sheep

#6, 7 Ben’s Train – Rails to Trails.     $200
Train Title – Ben’s Train. 10’x150’

#8 Because of 26 – Rails to Trails.     $100
Title – Because of 26, Anne Frank Quote #1. 10’x 40’

#12 Harvest the Arts – Route 10 Southington        $100
Title – ARCY and Reo at Harvest the Arts   10’x50’

#13 Harvest the Arts, Rte 10 Southington         $100
Title – Getting in the Wagon. 10’x 60’

#15 Sun and Moon Bench – Private Owner        $75
Title – Sun and Moon Garden Bench. 5’length 18’Deep

#16 Sun and Moon Milk Can, sun view– Private Owner    $75
Title – 24 hours of Birthday Wishes. 2’ high and 21” wide 

#18 Sun and Moon Milk Can, Moon view – Private Owner    $75
Title – 24 hours of Birthday Wishes. 2’ high and 21” in width

#19 Pottery Chair – Private Owner            $75
Title – Pottery Planter Chair. 42” high, 30” Wide, 18” Deep

#21 Birdseye View of Plantsville from Smokin’ With Chris –  $250
Title – Postcards from Plantsville, left side of mural. 12’ H x 22’L

#22 Middle View of Smokin’ With Chris        $200
Title – Having a Beer with my Dad. 12’ High x 22’ Length

#23 Birdseye View of Plantsville from Smokin’ With Chris    $250
Title – Postcards from Plantsville, right side of mural. 12’ H x 22’L

#27 Dog – St.Dominic Cry Room        $200
Title – Black Lab   40’ H x30 “W                                   

#29 Train Station Rails To Trails        $350
Title – Waiting for the Train. 50’ H x 30’ W

#30 Horse and Tree in St. Dominic’s Cry Room Southington        $300
Title – I See You. 8’H x 4”W