Our Instructors

John Baker- Youth Drawing and Painting
Mike Berlinski - Adult Painting
Susan Brereton - Adult and Teen Drawing & Painting
James Brunelle - All Access, Youth and Adult Drawing and Printing
Ulla Budde - Adult/ Youth Weaving
Elyse Cote - Youth and Adult Ceramics
Margaret Freedman - Preschool Art, Youth
Justin Gerace - Pottery
Jhenea Gooden - Youth 
Zbigniew Grzyb - Adult Drawing, Painting, and Workshop Instruction
Deb Jaffe - Adult Workshop Instruction, Youth
Carla Lindsey - Youth Drawing and Painting
Lori Little- Preschool  Art, Youth
Rachel MacNamara - Pottery
Mo Myra - Adult Watercolor
Cindy Parsons - Adult/Teen Drawing, Portfolio Development, Photoshop
Robert Riggs Lombardi - Pottery
Abbe Wade - Adult Painting

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Andrew Love
Andrew Love Vocal Studio

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