Women's Release & Renew Autumn Retreat at SoCCA

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Autumn brings a colorful season of gratitude and gatherings while gently reminding us that every transition beckons us to let go of the past. The Fall Equinox is a welcomed opportunity to be thankful for lessons of growth while honoring that which needs to be released.

Join seasoned life coach Julie Wallace for this special one day retreat. Through compelling stories, lessons, and discussion, Julie will help uncover limiting narratives that no longer serve you. Participants will be given tools of self understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness so meaningful life changes can be recognized, experienced, and enjoyed. 

Cost: $125 per person

2022 Release & Renew Women's Autumn Retreat


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Your day includes:

• Two-part life coaching workshop with Julie Wallace

• Catered fall harvest luncheon

• Art workshop with Joan Shackford

• Artisan teas and dessert 



10 am-12 pm—Life coaching workshop with Julie Wallace

12-1pm—Fall harvest luncheon (menu to come)

1-2:15 pm—Journal making workshop with Joan Shackford

2:15-2:45 pm—Artisan teas and desserts

2:45-3:30 pm—Closing discussion with Julie Wallace