Me & My BFFAn electronic slideshow exhibit of Selfies poised with their Best Furry Friend.

SoCCA's first virtual exhibit!  The entire team at SoCCA has pets. In our daily working hours we include their names in casual conversations, often scrolling to share pics at the water cooler.  And, are the respite to our being sane during the Covid 19 isolation shut down while all are working from home.

This crowd-sourced exhibit showcases how today’s technology offers community social connectivity via devices and how we record our lives through photography. Our furry friends keep us happy and occupied while giving us what we know as today ‘our only means of touch’ - a healing reciprocity while the CDC suggests distancing.

Our team aims to bring some joy to your moment with this collection of photos representing loving relationships.  We encourage your sharing and brightening the spirit of dear friends.  We will get through this together!

Our team is extremely grateful for the participation of all, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!   Visit our Social Media Event from home HERE: