AJ SocialMediaGraphic2022 1080x1080.jpgOur Anthony Jacks Art Auction features 14 whimsical metal structures created by award-winning international designer Aaron Jackson and three canvas paintings specially created by Southington artist Christine Welch Meier. All of these items have been on display at Anthony Jacks since the restaurant’s opening two decades ago and were graciously donated to SoCCA for this auction, which runs May 1 through May 31. Bid on your favorite piece today and support the arts in the process!

Bidding Process:
Participants must register to bid at $5 per person. Register to BID HERE. In your form response, follow the (Square) payment link to process payment. You may begin bidding once you have completed the form. Bids will be accepted in $20 increments per bid. The bids listed on the list below are the last highest bids received. Follow the link for bidding to send us your current bid. Thank you for your support of this wonderful initiative!

About Our Anthony Jacks Art Auction 

After celebrating 20 years of offering fine dining in Southington, the owners of Anthony Jacks Wood Fired Grill embarked on a total renovation this spring of their downtown establishment.

As part of the project, owners Barry DePaolo and Cheryl Moran graciously donated all of the artwork that formerly graced the walls and shelves of the landmark restaurant to Southington Community Cultural Arts (SoCCA) for a special community auction. All proceeds will benefit the arts in Southington.

“This community has constantly been there for us through recessions, a pandemic – you name it – and we are so very fortunate. In turn, we have tried to give back in every way we can. We have supported numerous local non-profit and civic organizations, held countless fundraisers and donated literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in gift cards throughout the years. We are excited now that monies from the auction of Anthony Jacks’ artwork will be donated to such a worthy cause as SoCCA,” said Barry and Cheryl.

Fourteen hand-crafted metal sculptures – all whimsical animal characters – created by award-winning designer Aaron Jackson and three canvas paintings specially created for Anthony Jacks by Southington artist Christine Welch Meier will be on auctioned off online. Former Derynoski elementary art teacher Marge Chase also helped with the three canvas paintings.

Visit SoCCA’s Gift Gallery to view all of the items including Billy the Baby Bird, Pete the Pig, Kitty the Cat, and Ringo the Rabbit.

Anthony Jacks reopened its doors in time for lunch on April 13. The restaurant, which celebrated its 20-year anniversary on Dec. 3, 2021, received a complete facelift including new ceilings, floors, painting, lighting, seating areas, and more. A focal brick wall features the restaurant’s logo and a custom-built back bar with granite top now enhances the venue. A new staging area was also created to accommodate the burgeoning takeout business that ramped up during the pandemic.

“We feel so honored and grateful to Southington and the surrounding towns for having supported us since day one. We were one of the initial businesses to open when the Downtown Renaissance project began, and Anthony Jacks was the first restaurant in Southington to apply for and receive permission for outside dining,” said Barry and Cheryl.

The owners added that they are also quite proud of the fact that they provide employment for 40 to 50 individuals, and that Anthony Jacks has consistently been voted Best Restaurant in Southington and has received numerous accolades over the past two decades.

The Anthony Jacks Art Auction takes place May 1 through May 31 on SoCCA’s website at southingtonarts.org. All auction pieces are also available for viewing at SoCCA, 93 Main Street, Southington.


Email: southingtonarts@gmail.com

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Bids will be accepted in increments of $20/bid.

Type                     Title                                 Size        
Sculpture small    Pete the Pig                    12x19x8        Current Bid   $120
Sculpture small    One Blind Mice red         15x15x6        Current Bid  $100
Sculpture small    Two Blind Mice yellow     16x16x11     Current Bid  $100
Sculpture small    Three  Blind Mice blue    16x17x12      Current Bid  $100
Sculpture small    I the Ram                         14x16x10      Current Bid $100
Sculpture small    Barb the Mother Dodo     13x11x5        Current Bid $100
Sculpture small    Danny the Dog                 15x14x9        Minimum Bid  $100
Sculpture small    Ewe the Sheep                 13x16x8        Minimum Bid  $100
Sculpture small    Kitty the Cat                      21x15x9       Current Bid $100
Sculpture small    Ringo the Rabbit               20x10x11     Current Bid $120
Sculpture Large    Priscilla the Pig                26x30x14      Current Bid   $300
Sculpture Large    Billy the Baby Bird           31x9x19        Current Bid  $250
Sculpture Large    Bub the Baby Elephant    23x34x21      Minimum Bid  $300
Sculpture Large    Ralph the Dog                  28x22x11      Current Bid  $300
Painting    Bread & Knife painting                 36"h x 60"w    Minimum Bid  $300
Painting    Cake & Coffee painting                36"h x 60"w    Minimum Bid  $300
Painting    Wine & Fish painting                    36"h x 60"w    Minimum Bid  $300